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At Smashbounce, we believe Futsal combines athleticism, skill, creativity and teamwork into a joyful package that keeps everyone who plays coming back for more.

Better than Football

Futsal, or Futbol Sala, is the only indoor Football game officially recognized by both UEFA and FIFA. A brilliant, small-sided football game that originated in South America, it spread quickly to Europe and then the world over. In Spain, “futbol sala” is a highly evolved and competitive sport with dozens of youth leagues and a professional league featuring fustal teams from FC Barcelona and other famous Spanish soccer clubs. At the organized level, futsal is played indoors, but the real heart of futsal in in the streets. In Brazilian cities, kids play futsal everyday on courts squeezed into anywhere there is space. In Spain and other European countries, futsal courts are mainstays in school playgrounds and city parks.

For both Kids & Adults

And why do kids and adults play futsal? Because its fun, action-packed and allows players to really use and develop their ball control skills. Futsal is a five-a-side game where technique, craftiness and speedy decision-making matters. Players often face 1v1 situations in tight spaces and need to use all their abilities to help their team keep the ball. The emphasis on possession helps players develop great passing skill and vision. All the best players in the world began as kids playing futsal, such as Pele, Ronaldo, Messi, Kaka, Iniesta and Xavi.

So, come visit our state-of-the-art indoor futsal court in Smashbounce Korattur today and experience the pleasure of playing Futsal or your own version of Football.

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Why Futsal?

There are a few basic differences between Futsal and Football that makes Futsal even more exciting.

Small-sided games

Futsal is played with five a side (4 outfield players plus a goalkeeper) on an indoor court. The small size of the court also means the pace of the game is much faster with players experiencing more touches on the ball and repetition of movement. The smaller space also inhibits players from making long runs and holding on to the ball for too long. Constant pressure forces players to react quickly and creatively to maintain ball possession because all players – attackers and defenders-  are in constant motion.

Heavier Ball

A Futsal ball is heavier and smaller than a typical soccer ball used in outdoor soccer. The heavier weight of the ball reduces bounce, keeping the ball at the feet of the players and in constant play thereby intrinsically allowing for increased movement and touches. With the ball on the ground, the players must use the feet more often for ball control and consequently they improve their passing technique.

Faster pace

The smaller space of the court compared with an outdoor pitch, promotes a faster pace with increased repetitions and touches on the ball, improves technical ball handling to maintain ball possession amidst the constant pressure, encourages creativity to feint opponents, perfects one touch and precision passing and increases soccer fitness due to continuous movement.

The surface of the court encourages ball control by using the sole of the foot on top of the ball. This allows a player more freedom to move the ball in either direction or hold the ball while the opponent runs past. By using the sole of the foot, the ball can more easily be pulled around to feint a player or to take a shot. And unlike indoor football, Futsal does not allow the use of walls which means the ball is in constant motion and players must engage in quick decision making and smart, creative technical movement to maintain possession of the ball. Generally, games are 20 minute halves. Under 14 games are 15 minutes halves.

Our arena is also available for corporate futsal events

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